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Internet Fax for Business

Although some businesses consider communication via fax an anachronism, it is still vital for many industries. Traditionally Fax communication is based on 2 fax machines and telephone lines.

Internet technology introduced Internet Fax - fax communication based on computers with Internet connection. Internet Fax allows transmission of faxes directly from a computer desktop via email (email-to-fax, i.e. faxmail) and receive fax via email (fax-to-email).

Also known as Online Fax, e-Fax, FoIP (Fax-over-IP) or IP Faxing, Internet Fax has many advantages;

Internet Fax Streams

Computer -> Internet -> Fax gateway -> Phone line -> Fax machine

The document to be faxed is attached to an email and sent to Internet Fax Gateway which then transmits it to the recipient fax machine via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Then the user receives a confirmation that the sending was carried out by email.

Fax machine -> Phone line -> Fax gateway -> email message (over Internet)

In order to receive faxes a user needs a dedicated fax number hosted by the Internet Fax Provider. Internet Fax Provider receives a traditional fax sent via the PSTN line and converts it into an email attachment.

Windows Fax Service (often referred to as Microsoft Fax) is a part of Windows operating system that allows users on a network to send and receive faxes from their PC desktop. It benefits users in the following ways;

With Windows Fax System faxes can be sent in three simple steps;

facsBridge™ T37FSP is a Windows fax driver that bridges the gap between Internet Fax Gateway and Windows Fax Service. With facsBridge™ you can enjoy intuitive and easy to use Windows desktop faxing.

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