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facsBridge™ T37FSP for Users of Internet Fax Service Providers

Internet Fax Streams

Internet fax is a natural development for businesses and community to go online. Outsourcing fax infrastructure enables enterprises to keep their focus on running their business, not managing their fax service. In most cases outsourcing is a cost effective option. Our software further improves internet fax communication. It gives you an easy and convenient option to fax your documents right from the Windows desktop.

facsBridge™ T37FSP is a driver for Windows Fax Service, capable of sending faxes via email. It provides peace of mind for everybody who uses Internet Fax Service Provider (e.g., with email-to-fax gateway. In particular,

In corporate environment we recommend to install T37FSP on the Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. The driver needs to be configured only once and can be accessed from all computers on the network or from Terminal Server session. That brings a single point of configuration and administration.

Note, if you are using an Authorised Distributor's fax gateway, you must download the installation package from their web site, as installation might be customised for their gateway.