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facsBridge™ T37FSP for Cisco Users

There are numerous benefits of paperless desktop faxing. Fax over IP (FoIP)-enabled Cisco integrated services routers (ISR), commonly used in corporate environment, can serve this purpose.

Internet Fax Streams

T.37 email-to-fax gateway built into Cisco IOS voice gateway facilitates integration of fax services with the VoIP network. Say you have 2801 (or similar) Cisco router with E1/T1 ISDN PRI module or analogue FXO port, - how do you make use of it for off-ramp fax submission via embedded T.37 gateway? The gateway accepts only plain text emails or emails with TIFF file attachments, and the file structure must be compliant with the gateway. This represents a challenge for software integrators.

There are fax software solutions to interface Cisco T.37 gateway, like Cisco Unity IP Fax Service (Unity faxmail feature), Cisco Fax Server or third party Exchange fax connectors. Neither of this solutions are integrated with Windows Fax Service (often referred to as Microsoft Fax).

facsBridge™ T37FSP can be considered an inexpensive alternative leveraging Microsoft Fax infrastructure. Able to render any fax document as Cisco-compatible TIFF image, our driver unlocks fax-enabled capabilities of Cisco routers. Cisco compatibility is available with all versions. Scalabilty feature is only available with Enterprise Server licence of facsBridge™.

T37FSP is capable to support scalable synchronous outbound faxing. Firstly, in real-time configuration traditional store-and-forward fax relay (which uses intermediate MTA) is replaced with synchronous transmission through Cisco gateway, eliminating the need for a supplementary SMTP server. And secondly, transmission timeout guarantees Cisco (server) response. This configuration is scalable by matching number of virtual T37FSP devices with number of simultaneous SMTP sessions supported by a physical Cisco device. See summary of Cisco-specific configuration settings for T37FSP.

T37FSP is designed for the Cisco topology, where off-ramp T.37 gateway interfaces T37FSP (with built-in MTA), and on-ramp interfaces PSTN through modem or voice interface card (VIC). Neither Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) nor Cisco Unity Express (CUE) are required for our solution. In general, supported platforms for T.37 include cisco ISR series: UC5xx, 175x, 26xx, 28xx, 36xx, 37x5, 38xx, 5300, 5350, 5400, 5800, 5850.

See Sample Cisco Configuration Script for onramp/offramp T.37 faxing. This page also contains other links related to Cisco gateway configuration

The benefits of using the facsBridge™ product are

Receiving faxes (fax-to-email) is supported with Cisco Integrated Services Routers. Neither intermediate SMTP Server (e.g. Exchange), nor Local SMTP Server is required, as facsBridge™ SMTP Server is integrated into facsBridge™ T37FSP.

f2eRouter, as a part of the facsBridge™ suite, is used for inbound faxes routing in Windows 2003/2008 Fax Service, that forwards received faxes to an appropriate email address based on called fax number (available from Direct Inward Dialing DID or ISDN PRI). facsBridge™ f2eRouter is not limited to post-process inbound faxes received by T37FSP only.