facsBridge™ T37FSP - Intuitive Windows Desktop Faxing

facsBridge™ T37FSP is a Windows fax driver that bridges the gap between Internet Fax Gateway and Windows Fax Service (often referred to as Microsoft Fax). With T37FSP you can enjoy intuitive and easy to use Windows desktop faxing.

The product is oriented for corporate users and individuals using Internet Fax Service Providers or T.37 fax devices (e.g. Cisco fax-enabled routers).

The Fax Service Provider (FSP) is a Windows fax driver that implements a predefined interface in order to plug-in third party fax devices into Windows Fax Service domain.

The facsBridge™ T37FSP is a Windows Fax Service Provider, capable of sending faxes via email (store-and-forward facsimile with off-ramp gateway). It follows the T.37 protocol as described in ITU-T Recommendation T.37 and ITU-T Recommendation F.185.

Designed primarily for outbound fax transmission (email-to-fax), T37FSP supports scalable synchronous faxing with Cisco fax gateways. T37FSP is also capable of processing inbound faxmail with Cisco T.37 gateway. Check facsBridge™ f2eRouter for further information on inbound fax routing extension within Windows Fax Service.

View facsBridge™ T37FSP Functional Data Sheet document.