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a Foreign Fax Connector for Microsoft Exchange designed for high-volume enterprise-wide faxing Windows Fax Driver that bridges the gap between Internet Fax Gateway (T.37 gateway) and Windows Fax Service Windows Fax Driver that bridges the gap between Internet Fax Gateway (T.37 gateway) and Windows Fax Service Inbound Fax Routing extension for Windows Fax Service
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As an expert in Windows Fax Services we’re hosting the Windows Fax Service and Fax Service Provider FAQ pages. We specialize in providing consulting services in Windows faxing software, and Fax over IP (email-to-fax and fax-to-email) development in particular.

Since year 2000 we have been developing our mainstream product facsBridge™ suite – a range of fax messaging software products that help organizations optimize their communications with customers, partners and mobile employees.

facsBridge™ suite, now also available for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, consists of

One of our other developments, HylaFSP - Windows Fax Service Provider for HylaFAX, has been acquired (partially licensed) by iFax Solutions, Inc.

Some of our current Clients include: UTBox Pty Ltd, InterFAX Inc, Betteroff Networks Pty Ltd, Datera S.A.

Customers Feedback on facsBridge

23 October 2013

Our client has a Canon scanfront MFP, these days the Fax button only sends to internet fax gateways. They already had an SBS2011 server sending their faxes. Seems a shame to setup and pay per page to an internet fax provider when they already had a fax service onsite. There was just a missing link between internet fax gateway format that increasingly devices will use (rather than have a PSTN port on them) and their fax server.
This is where facsBridge4Exchange came in. Installed on the clients exchange/fax server with minimum effort, it provides the missing link. Now when they send from the scanner, it goes out via their existing fax gateway. After spending a number of hours looking at other products I could not find a product that could fulfil just this function without a bunch of other functions the client did not need. I can see this as a small but important piece of a puzzle for those who fax infrequently enough not to need a comprehensive fax server or already have a windows one with exchange on site, and just want to adjust the cheap windows server/modem combo to accept from the increasing range of scanners/mfp’s that only talk to internet fax gateways. Thanks Serge for your expert help and rock solid software.

Kieran, Netier, Canberra, Australia

4 May 2011

"We are running Exchange Server 2007 on Windows Server 2003 x64 and utilise facsBridge4Exchange to interface NetComm Roadster II 56 PnP fax-modems, mainly with Word and PDF attachments. facsBridge4Exchange has provided our organisation with a reliable email-to-fax service. The assistance provided by Sandler Consulting enabled us to easily update our existing services, and we could not recommend them more highly to provide similar services to other organisations."

James Brown, Calvary Health Care ACT,

24 March 2008

"We required a solution for our clients to connect to our Cisco based fax service, it needed to be simple, effective and reliable. Sandler Consulting are absolute experts in this field and delivered everything we wanted without fuss. The software is simple to use and clients love it. Sandler Consulting consistently do what they promise to do."


1 June 2007

"We've had a heck of a time getting the modems to work right in Small Business Server, so T37FSP seemed great. I'd think you could be quite successful with T37FSP product, because it's something that DOES NOT EXIST (as far as I know) at this point and Small Business Server is hugely popular."

Josh Jacoby

29 March 2006

"We purchased T37FSP in order to integrate digital fax capabilities from within our Corporate Citrix - Terminal Server implementation. Installation was straight-forward and the product turned out very easy to use and to maintain. We certainly recommend it."

Marco Brunelli

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facsBridge4Exchange™ is integrated with SharePoint 2013 Word Automation Services
facsBridge™ is compatible with Windows 2012 and Windows 8
facsBridge4Exchange™ is integrated with SharePoint 2010 Word Automation Services
Integration with Microsoft Fax cover pages
Support for inbound faxing with Cisco Routers
Support for Least Cost Routing
Sandler Consulting announces First Release of Microsoft Exchange Fax Connector
Support for Active Directory and PDF files
Support for scalable real-time outbound faxing for Cisco