facsBridge™ For Exchange Fax Connector

facsBridge4Exchange™ Connector is a Foreign Fax Connector for Microsoft Exchange designed for high-volume enterprise-wide faxing.

facsBridge4Exchange™ does not have its own Fax engine. It bridges the gap between Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Fax, utilising off-the-shelf Windows Components and, indirectly, any fax device installed on the Fax Service, e.g. T37FSP or any of its customisations, HylaFSP, Unimodem FSP, Brooktrout FSP, IQ FSP, any of T.38 FSP implementations, etc.

facsBridge™ for Exchange brings the following advantages to all levels of the organization, administration and end users:

Advantages for Organizations Advantages for Administrators Advantages for End Users

The diagram demonstrates facsBridge4Exchange™ architecture.

facsBridge4Exchange archtecture

Outbound faxmail is placed into Exchange Drop directory by Hub Transport and submitted to the Fax Service for transmission by the Connector. The Connector sends outbound fax transmission delivery receipts via Exchange.

Inbound faxmail is placed into Exchange Pickup directory by facsBridge™ f2eRouter, - inbound routing extension. The inbound faxmail is addressed to the email recipient mapped to the called fax number as specified by f2eRouter.xml file.

In case of errors, e.g. outbound faxmail contains non-supported attachment; the Connector sends error notifications by placing email into Exchange Replay directory. Error notifications are generated automatically and addressed by Master Email Address.

View facsBridge4Exchange™ Functional Data Sheet document.

facsBridge4Exchange™ Connector is designed for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with the Hub Transport installed. facsBridge4Exchange™ Connector has to be installed on the computer where Windows Fax Service is installed. The Connector does not have to be installed on the Exchange Server, providing Drop directory and Exchange Replay directories are available as network path. The Connector is designed to be installed on a Windows Server computer.

Download facsBridge™ For Exchange from Download facsBridge4Exchange™

For more details about facsBridge4Exchange™ Connector, System Requirements and Installation procedure refer to facsBridge4Exchange™ User Guide document.