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Businesses need to upgrade to newer systems and Data Migration (DM) is essential part of any System upgrade. Based on years of experience, the data migration process can be painful, slow and expensive. The obvious answer is to use software to assist with the process.

Planning a data migration

For organisations intending to migrate data, our design and planning services will assist in ensuring the job gets done inexpensively and effectively.

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Already migrating data

For organisations in the process of migrating data from one system to another, we can absorb your existing knowledge and procedures into our data migration process.

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Are you just starting an upgrade?

Data Migration is essential part of any System upgrade. Our experienced Data Specialist will create a DM plan according to the system design specs including required data entities, design of data mappings and translation rules from source to target.

With DM Assistant, data migration is faster, more accurate and more reliable.

The tool facilitates:

Have you started Data Migration already?

We will ensure nothing is lost – the data mappings, templates, translation rules will be incorporated into our DM Assistant tool where they can be re-used, validated and reconciled.

Thanks to DM Assistant, our data migration implementation is faster, more accurate & more reliable for a competitive price. We track every data migration run. The tool allows us to work with isolated data snapshots and simplifies reconciliation of import & processing errors.

DT Assistant Tool

Years of experience in migrating data between systems enables us to understand how this can be automated. DT Assistant is a stand-alone software application built specifically to assist in the process of data migration, with the initial release focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It provides for:

DT Assist focuses on the needs of project managers and data analysts in the following ways:

Project Management

Businesses want to see deadlines met and expect project managers to give reliable updates and estimates. DT Assistant provides access to reports that show progress of the migration, how many entities have been defined, tested and shown to work. Within entities, reports show what percentage of the records have been successfully transferred.


Data will go through several stages of cleaning and transformation before it can be confirmed as ‘successfully imported’. DT Assistant organises data into silos so that it can be easily accessed as required.

Data subsets

Before working on complete data sets, the data analyst will likely want to work on a small subset of the data; this will allow the analyst to iron out most of the wrinkles. To facilitate this, DT Assistant provides a filtered subset feature.

Problem isolation

Data transformation involves a lot of trial and error. When errors occur, the data analyst needs to quickly and reliably identify the culprit. DT Assistant provides built-in comparison and tracing tools to perform this task, along with an ability to tag problem data for future reference.


Data upgrades happen in the real world and face unpredictable hurdles: the target system is not ready, the source systems are offline, the staff member assigned to prepare some input data is away for a week. DT Assistant maintains multiple copies of storage data so that work can keep going oblivious to the vagaries of the external environment.

Data Migration Services

Our Data specialists will create a Data Migration plan according to your specific needs, including specifying data entities, design of data mappings and translation rules from source to target.


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